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TransferWindow Class Reference

#include <transferwindow.h>

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Detailed Description

A file transfer manager (aka download manager) singleton.

Diederik van der Boor

Definition at line 40 of file transferwindow.h.

Public Slots

void failTransfer (int transferID, const QString &message=QString::null)
void finishTransfer (int transferID)
void setStatusMessage (int transferID, const QString &message)
void updateProgress (int transferID, ulong bytesTransferred)


void cancelTransfer (int transferID)

Public Member Functions

int addEntry (const QString filename, ulong filesize, bool incoming=false, const QImage preview=QImage())

Static Public Member Functions

static void destroy ()
static TransferWindowgetInstance ()

Private Slots

void cleanUp ()
void slotDownloadButtonToggled (bool checked)
void slotUploadButtonToggled (bool checked)

Private Member Functions

void showEntries (bool incoming, bool show)
 TransferWindow (QWidget *parent=0)

Private Attributes

QMap< int, TransferEntry * > entryList_
QVBoxLayout * layout_

Static Private Attributes

static int currentEntryID_
static TransferWindowonlyInstance_

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