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EmoticonManager Class Reference

#include <emoticonmanager.h>

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Detailed Description

Data class for the list of emoticon definitions and replacements.

This class maintains the list of the global/standard emoticons. MSN Messenger uses a fixed set of emoticon/smiley codes and replacements. The rich text parser can be used to replace all emoticons in a message. To implement a custom search-replace algorithm, use the getPattern() / getReplacements() methods to retrieve all needed data.

Michael Curtis, Diederik van der Boor, Valerio Pilo

Definition at line 40 of file emoticonmanager.h.

Public Slots

void connected (QString handle=QString::null)
void disconnected ()


void updated ()

Public Member Functions

bool emoticonIsAdded (QString dataHash)
const QHash< QString, QString > & getFileNames (bool getCustomTheme=false)
const QHash< QString, QString > & getHashes ()
const QRegExp & getHtmlPattern (bool getCustomTheme=false)
const QHash< QString, QString > & getHtmlReplacements (bool isSmall=false, bool getCustomTheme=false)
const QStringList & getList (bool getCustomTheme)
const QRegExp & getPattern (bool getCustomTheme=false)
QString getReplacement (const QString &code, bool isSmall=false, bool getCustomTheme=false)
const QHash< QString, QString > & getReplacements (bool isSmall=false, bool getCustomTheme=false)
EmoticonThemegetTheme (bool getCustomTheme=false)
const QString & getThemePath (bool getCustomTheme=false)
void replaceCustomTheme (EmoticonTheme *newTheme)

Static Public Member Functions

static void destroy ()
static EmoticonManagerinstance ()

Private Slots

void slotChangedEmoticonSettings ()

Private Member Functions

 EmoticonManager ()
virtual ~EmoticonManager ()

Private Attributes

bool shouldSaveTheme_

Static Private Attributes

static EmoticonManagerinstance_

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