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ContactExtension Class Reference

#include <contactextension.h>

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Detailed Description

Additional KMess-specific properties of a contact.

The class stores "extended" info for a contact, such as an alternative friendlyName. This information is not received from the MSN Messenger servers, the Contact class is reserved for that information. Most of these properties are set by the user from the ContactPropertiesDialog.

Michael Curtis

Definition at line 46 of file contactextension.h.


void changedFriendlyName ()
void changedPicture ()

Public Member Functions

void clearCache ()
 ContactExtension (Contact *contact)
const QString & getAlternativeName (FormattingMode mode=STRING_CLEANED) const
const QString & getContactAlternativePicturePath () const
const QString getContactPicturePath () const
const QString getContactSoundPath () const
bool getDisableNotifications () const
const QDateTime & getLastMessageDate ()
const QDateTime & getLastSeen ()
const QString & getNotes () const
const QStringList & getPictureList () const
bool getUseAlternativeName () const
void readProperties (const KConfigGroup &config)
void saveProperties (KConfigGroup &config)
void setAlternativeName (const QString &newAlternativeName)
void setContactAlternativePicturePath (const QString &_newVal)
void setContactPicturePath (const QString &_newVal)
void setContactSoundPath (const QString &_newVal)
void setDisableNotifications (bool _newVal)
void setLastMessageDate ()
void setNotes (const QString &_newVal)
void setUseAlternativeName (bool _newVal)

Private Slots

void setLastSeen ()

Private Attributes

FormattedString alternativeName_
QString alternativePictureFile_
bool disableNotifications_
QString handle_
QDateTime lastMessageDate_
QDateTime lastSeen_
QString notes_
QString pictureFile_
QStringList pictureFileList_
QString soundFile_
bool useAlternativeName_

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