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SoapMessage Class Reference

#include <soapmessage.h>

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Detailed Description

A class to parse SOAP messages.

These messages are sent to and received from a remote server by using the HttpSoapConnection class. You can also attach some data to a message, so that data sent along with the request will be available when the response is received.

Diederik van der Boor

Valerio Pilo

Definition at line 62 of file soapmessage.h.

Public Member Functions

const QString & getAction () const
const QDomNode & getBody () const
const MessageDatagetData () const
const QString & getEndPoint () const
const QDomNode & getFault () const
const QString & getFaultCode () const
const QString & getFaultDescription () const
QDomNode & getHeader ()
QByteArray getMessage () const
bool isFaultMessage () const
bool isValid () const
void setData (const MessageData &data)
void setMessage (const QString &message)
 SoapMessage (const SoapMessage &other)
 SoapMessage (const QString &endPointUrl, const QString &action, const QString &header=QString(), const QString &body=QString(), const MessageData &data=MessageData())

Private Attributes

QString action_
QDomNode body_
MessageData data_
QString endPoint_
QDomNode fault_
QString faultCode_
QString faultDescription_
QDomNode header_
bool isValid_

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