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KMessView Class Reference

#include <kmessview.h>

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Detailed Description

The main view area, displaying the user status area and contact list.

This class implements the actions of the inherited user interface class. It contains the contact list view, user status and email displays. The KMessViewInterface class is automatically generated from it's .ui file.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 59 of file kmessview.h.

Public Slots

void showContextMenu (const QPoint &point)


void addContact (QString handle)
void allowContact (QString handle)
void blockContact (QString handle)
void changePersonalMessage (QString personalMessage)
void changeStatus (QAction *action)
void copyContact (QString handle, QString groupId)
void moveContact (QString handle, QString fromGroupId, QString toGroupId)
void removeContact (QString handle)
void removeContactFromGroup (QString handle, QString groupId)
void removeGroup (QString groupId)
void renameGroup (QString groupId)
void requestChat (QString handle)
void selectionChanged (const QItemSelection &selection)
void showSettings ()
void unblockContact (QString handle)

Public Member Functions

void changedSong (const QString &artist, const QString &album, const QString &track, bool playing)
bool initialize (QAbstractItemModel *viewModel)
 KMessView (QWidget *parent=0)
void toggleShowHistoryBox (bool show)
void toggleShowSearchFrame (bool show)

Protected Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *ev)

Private Slots

void copyText ()
void rebuildContactActions ()
void showToolTip (const QPoint &point)
void slotContactChangedStatus (Contact *contact, bool showNotify)
void slotDisconnected ()
void slotEmailContact ()
void slotEmailLabelClicked ()
void slotForwardAddContact ()
void slotForwardAllowContact ()
void slotForwardBlockContact ()
void slotForwardCopyContact (const QString &groupId)
void slotForwardMoveContact (const QString &groupId)
void slotForwardRemoveContact ()
void slotForwardRemoveFromGroup ()
void slotForwardRemoveGroup ()
void slotForwardRenameGroup ()
void slotForwardStartChat ()
void slotForwardUnblockContact ()
void slotGroupChanged (const QModelIndex &index)
void slotItemClicked (const QModelIndex &index, const bool accidental=false)
void slotItemDoubleClicked (const QModelIndex &index)
void slotItemSingleClicked (const QModelIndex &index)
void slotMoveGroupDown ()
void slotMoveGroupUp ()
void slotPersonalMessageEnterPressed ()
void slotPersonalMessageLostFocus (bool refreshOnly=false)
 Called when the personal message input looses focus.
void slotScheduleGroupUpdate ()
void slotSearchContact (const QString &searchFor)
void slotShowContactProfile ()
void slotShowContactProperties ()
void slotUpdateDisplayPicture ()
void slotUpdateEmailDisplay ()
void slotUpdateGroups ()
void slotUpdateNoEmails ()
void slotUpdateUserStatus ()
void slotUpdateView ()

Private Member Functions

const ModelDataList getItemData (const QModelIndex &index=QModelIndex())
bool initContactListView (QAbstractItemModel *viewModel)
bool initContactPopup ()
bool initGroupPopup ()

Private Attributes

KAction * addContact_
KAction * allowContact_
QPixmap backgroundPixmap_
KAction * blockContact_
KAction * chatWithContact_
KMenu * contactActionPopup_
QSignalMapper * contactCopyMapper_
QSignalMapper * contactMoveMapper_
KAction * contactProperties_
KActionMenu * copyContactToGroup_
KAction * emailContact_
KMenu * groupActionPopup_
QList< KAction * > groupCopyActionsList_
QList< KAction * > groupCopyLinkActionsList_
QList< KAction * > groupMoveActionsList_
bool initialized_
KActionMenu * moveContactToGroup_
KAction * moveGroupDown_
KAction * moveGroupUp_
KAction * msnProfile_
KAction * popupCopyFriendlyName_
KAction * popupCopyHandle_
KAction * popupCopyLink_
KActionMenu * popupCopyMenu_
KAction * popupCopyMusic_
KAction * popupCopyPersonalMessage_
KAction * removeContact_
KAction * removeFromGroup_
KAction * removeGroup_
KAction * renameGroup_
QItemSelectionModel * selectionModel_
KAction * unblockContact_
QTimer updateTimer_


class KMessTest

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