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ThumbnailProvider Class Reference

Utility class to generate thumbnails. More...

#include <thumbnailprovider.h>

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void gotResult ()
 Indicate the KIO preview job completed.

Public Member Functions

void generateFallbackImage ()
 Generate the fallback image.
const QByteArray & getData () const
 Return the generated image as byte array.
const QImage & getImage () const
 Return the generated image.
QString getImageTag (const QString &altText=QString::null) const
bool isSuccessful () const
 Indicate whether a thumbnail was created.
 ThumbnailProvider (const QString &fileName, int size=96)
 The constructor.

Private Slots

void slotFailed ()
 Called when a preview won't be generated.
void slotFailed (const KFileItem &item)
 Called when a preview could not be generated.
void slotGotPreview (const KFileItem &item, const QPixmap &preview)
 Called when a preview is available.

Private Member Functions

void storeImage (const QImage &image)
 Store the image in the instance fields.

Private Attributes

QStringList enabledPlugins_
 The list of enabled plugins.
KUrl::List fileList_
 The file list (required to avoid KIO crashes)
QString fileName_
 The file name.
bool resultError_
 Whether an error occured.
int size_
 The requested size.
QByteArray thumbnailData_
 The thumbnail data.
QImage thumbnailImage_
 The thumbnail image.

Detailed Description

Utility class to generate thumbnails.

The generated thumbnails are used for file transfer invitations.

Pedro Ferreira, Diederik van der Boor

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