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Group Class Reference

Data class for group information. More...

#include <group.h>

List of all members.


void changedPosition (Group *, int oldPosition, int newPosition)

Public Member Functions

const QString & getId () const
const QString & getName () const
int getOldSortPosition () const
int getSortPosition () const
 Group (const QString &id, const QString &name)
bool isExpanded () const
bool isSpecialGroup () const
void readProperties (const KConfigGroup &config)
void saveProperties (KConfigGroup &config)
void setExpanded (bool expanded)
void setName (const QString &newName)
void setOldSortPosition (int oldSortPosition)
void setSortPosition (int sortPosition, bool signal=true)

Private Attributes

QString id_
bool isExpanded_
bool isSpecialGroup_
QString name_
int oldSortPosition_
int sortPosition_

Detailed Description

Data class for group information.

This class is only used to store group information. the information is changed by the MsnNotificationConnection and user interface classes. The user interface classes respond to the signals sent by this class to update their view. In the contact list view, this class is represented by the GroupListViewItem class.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 37 of file group.h.

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