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ChatWindow Class Reference

#include <chatwindow.h>

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Public Types

enum  UIState { Disconnected, Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting }

Public Slots

void showStatusMessage (QString message=QString(), int duration=5)


void closing (QObject *object)
void reconnect ()
void userIsTyping ()

Public Member Functions

ChataddChatTab (Chat *newChat, bool foreground)
 ChatWindow (QWidget *parent=0)
bool checkAndCloseWindow ()
ChatgetChat (int index=-1)
 Return a reference to a chat.
ChatgetCurrentChat ()
bool initialize ()
bool queryClose ()
bool queryExit ()
void removeChatTab (Chat *chat)
void setCurrentChat (Chat *chat)
void setUIState (UIState state)
void showStatusMessage (ChatStatusBar::MessageType type, QString message)

Private Slots

bool closeAllTabs ()
bool closeTab ()
void closeWidgetOrTab ()
void editCopy ()
void editCut ()
void editFind ()
void editFont ()
void editFontColor ()
void editorColorChanged (const QColor &color)
void editPaste ()
bool handleCommand (QString command)
void insertEmoticon (const QString &shortcut)
void saveChat ()
void sendInk ()
void sendMessage ()
void sendNudge ()
void setWindowTitle (const QString &caption=QString())
void showMenuBar ()
void slotBlinkCaption ()
void slotChangeInkBrush ()
void slotChangeInkColor ()
void slotEmoticonDocksToggled ()
void slotGotChatMessage (const ChatMessage &message, Chat *chat)
void slotGotNudge ()
void slotGotTypingMessage (Chat *chat=0)
void slotInviteContact ()
void slotMessageChanged ()
void slotNewLineButtonClicked ()
void slotSendButtonClicked ()
void slotShowChatHistory ()
void slotSwitchEditor (QObject *widget=0)
void slotSwitchToLeftTab ()
void slotSwitchToRightTab ()
void slotTabChanged (int currentIndex)
bool slotTabRemoved (Chat *chat)
bool slotTabRemoved (QWidget *chatWidget)
void slotUpdateChatInfo (Chat *chat=0)
void startFileTransfer ()
void toggleEmoticons (bool useEmoticons)
void toggleSessionInfo (bool showSessionMessages)
void toggleSpellCheck (bool useSpellCheck)
void updateEditorFont ()
void updateModeButtons ()
void viewClearChat ()
void viewZoomIn ()
void viewZoomOut ()

Private Member Functions

void changeZoomFactor (bool increase)
void createMenus ()
bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *event)
bool initializeCurrentAccount ()
void readProperties (const KConfigGroup &config=*((const KConfigGroup *) 0))
void saveProperties (KConfigGroup &config=*((KConfigGroup *) 0))
void setChatWindowIcon ()
void setEnabled (bool isEnabled)

Private Attributes

KActionCollection * actionCollection_
KAction * addEmoticonAction_
QTimer blinkTimer_
bool blinkToUpper_
QString caption_
KAction * changeFontAction_
KAction * changeFontColorAction_
KAction * closeAllAction_
QDockWidget * contactsDock_
QDockWidget * customEmoticonsDock_
KAction * cutAction_
bool doSendTypingMessages_
KAction * emoticonAction_
QAction * firstChatMenuItem_
KActionMenu * historyMenuAction_
int indexSentences_
bool initialized_
KAction * inviteButton_
QString lastSentence_
QTime lastShake_
KAction * nextTabAction_
KAction * nudgeAction_
KActionMenu * panelsMenuAction_
KAction * pasteAction_
KAction * prevTabAction_
KAction * sendAction_
KToggleAction * sessionInfoAction_
KToggleAction * showMenuBar_
KToggleAction * spellCheckAction_
QDockWidget * standardEmoticonsDock_
QTimer statusTimer_
UIState uiState_
QTimer userTypingTimer_
int zoomLevel_


class KMessTest

Detailed Description

The interface for the chat window, defining the menus.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 59 of file chatwindow.h.

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