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void MimeApplication::userRejected (  ) [protected, virtual]

Called when the user rejected (declined) the application.

Displays a message using getUserRejectMessage() and notifies the contact.

Reimplemented from Application.

Definition at line 296 of file mimeapplication.cpp.

References Application::CANCEL_INVITATION, Application::endApplication(), Application::getContactHandle(), Application::getUserRejectMessage(), Application::isClosing(), Application::modifyOfferMessage(), sendCancelMessage(), Application::setClosing(), and Application::showEventMessage().

Referenced by FileTransfer::contactStarted2_UserAccepts().

  if( isClosing() )
    kmWarning() << "Attempted to close application twice "
                  " contact=" << getContactHandle() <<
                  " class="   << metaObject()->className() <<
                  " action=endapplication)";


  kmDebug() << "user requests to reject the invitation.";

  // Send abort messages
  showEventMessage( getUserRejectMessage(), ChatMessage::CONTENT_APP_CANCELED, false );
  sendCancelMessage( CANCEL_INVITATION );

  // Set the state to avoid crashes.
  setClosing( true );

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