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KConfigGroup KMessConfig::getGlobalConfig ( const QString &  groupName )

Select a group from the application-wide config.

This method returns a directly usable configuration group. It will be the config group named groupName contained in the KMess global configuration file.

groupNameThe name of the config group

Definition at line 274 of file kmessconfig.cpp.

References getInvalidConfig(), and warnUser().

Referenced by FileTransferP2P::contactStarted2_UserAccepts(), FileTransfer::contactStarted2_UserAccepts(), KMessShared::openBrowser(), KMessShared::openEmailClient(), AddEmoticonDialog::~AddEmoticonDialog(), and ContactAddedUserDialog::~ContactAddedUserDialog().

  QString generalGroup( "KMess" );

   // Search for config in QHash
  if( accountsConfigs_.contains( generalGroup ) )
    return accountsConfigs_.value( generalGroup )->group( groupName );

  KConfig *config = new KConfig();

  // insert current config into QHash for future search
  accountsConfigs_.insert( generalGroup, config );

  KConfigGroup configGroup( config->group( groupName ) );

  // We're unable to write on the configuration files,
  // avoid crashing (when kdelibs are compiled in debug mode)
  if( configGroup.accessMode() != KConfigBase::ReadWrite )
    return getInvalidConfig();

  return configGroup;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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