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QByteArray Stream::writer ( const Drawing drawing,
bool  encodeToBase64 = false 
) [static]

Convert a drawing into a raw ISF data stream.

The resulting byte array will be empty if the drawing is not valid.

drawingSource drawing
encodeToBase64Whether the converted ISF stream should be encoded with Base64 or not
Byte array with an ISF data stream

Definition at line 382 of file isfqt.cpp.

References Isf::TagsWriter::addAttributeTable(), Isf::TagsWriter::addHiMetricSize(), Isf::TagsWriter::addMetricsTable(), Isf::TagsWriter::addPersistentFormat(), Isf::TagsWriter::addStrokes(), Isf::TagsWriter::addTransformationTable(), Isf::Drawing::error(), Isf::ISF_ERROR_NONE, Isf::Drawing::isNull(), and Isf::TagsWriter::prepare().

Referenced by Isf::InkCanvas::bytes(), and Isf::InkCanvas::save().

  if( &drawing == 0 || drawing.isNull() || drawing.error() != ISF_ERROR_NONE )
    qDebug() << "The drawing was not valid!";
    return QByteArray();

  streamData_ = new StreamData();
  streamData_->dataSource = new DataSource();
  DataSource* dataSource = streamData_->dataSource;

  // Add the initial data
  TagsWriter::prepare( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the persistent format tag
  TagsWriter::addPersistentFormat( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the drawing size
  TagsWriter::addHiMetricSize( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the attributes
  TagsWriter::addAttributeTable( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the metrics
  TagsWriter::addMetricsTable( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the transforms
  TagsWriter::addTransformationTable( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the strokes
  TagsWriter::addStrokes( streamData_, &drawing );

  // Write the stream size (at the start of the stream)
  encodeUInt( dataSource, dataSource->size(), true/*prepend*/ );

  // Write the version number (at the start of the stream)
  encodeUInt( dataSource, SUPPORTED_ISF_VERSION, true/*prepend*/ );

  QByteArray data( dataSource->data() );

  delete streamData_->dataSource;
  delete streamData_;
  streamData_ = 0;

  // Convert to Base64 if needed
  if( encodeToBase64 )
    return data.toBase64();
    return data;

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