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Isf::Drawing Class Reference

This is a manipulable representation of an ISF stream. More...

#include <isfqtdrawing.h>

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Public Member Functions

qint32 addStroke (Stroke *)
qint32 addStroke (PointList=PointList())
QRect boundingRect () const
void clear ()
bool deleteStroke (Stroke *)
bool deleteStroke (quint32)
 Drawing (const Drawing &)
 Drawing ()
IsfError error () const
qint32 indexOfStroke (const Stroke *) const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isNull () const
QPixmap pixmap (const QColor=Qt::transparent)
void setBoundingRect (QRect)
QSize size () const
Strokestroke (quint32)
StrokestrokeAtPoint (const QPoint &)
const QList< Stroke * > strokes ()
 ~Drawing ()

Private Member Functions

void updateBoundingRect ()

Private Attributes

QRect boundingRect_
 Bounding rectangle of the drawing.
QPixmap cachePixmap_
 The cached pixmap.
QRect cacheRect_
 Cached bounding rectangle.
QRect canvas_
 Virtual drawing canvas dimensions.
QList< Stroke * > changedStrokes_
 A list of strokes that need to be repainted.
bool dirty_
 Is the drawing dirty? i.e, requires repainting?
IsfError error_
 Last parsing error (if there is one)
QList< QUuid > guids_
 List of registered GUIDs.
bool hasXData_
 Whether the drawing contains X coordinates or not.
bool hasYData_
 Whether the drawing contains Y coordinates or not.
bool isNull_
 Whether the drawing is invalid or valid.
quint64 maxGuid_
 Maximum GUID available in the drawing.
QSizeF maxPenSize_
 Maximum thickness of the strokes.
QList< Stroke * > strokes_
 List of strokes composing this drawing.


class Stream
class TagsParser
class TagsWriter

Detailed Description

This is a manipulable representation of an ISF stream.

This class is a container for the data of ISF (Ink Serialized Format) drawings. You can manipulate its contents, or create a new one and fill it, then save it back to ISF format with the Isf::Stream methods.

See also:
Adam Goossens (adam@kmess.org)
Valerio Pilo (valerio@kmess.org)

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