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void InkTransferP2P::showEventMessage ( const QString &  message,
const ChatMessage::ContentsClass  contents,
bool  isIncoming 
) [virtual]

Hide standard informative application message (e.g. user invited, cancelled).

Avoid annoying messages in the chat windows about "Contact sent something KMess does not support". This is useful for interactive invitations, like file transfer. Since msnobject transfer happen in the background, it's not helping to have empty chat windows popping up with error messages.

Reimplemented from Application.

Definition at line 85 of file inktransferp2p.cpp.

References Application::getContactHandle().

  Q_UNUSED( isIncoming );

  kWarning() << "suppressed message:" << message << "(contact=" << getContactHandle() << ", contentsClass=" << contents << ")";

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