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ISF-Qt - Ink Serialized Format library


About ISF-Qt

ISF-Qt is a library, written in C++ with the Qt 4 toolkit, capable of reading and writing the ISF format. ISF stands for "Ink Serialized Format", and is the disk serialization format used by the Windows.Ink C# library and by the TabletPC platform, but also by applications like Windows Live Messenger - which uses ISF to transfer handwriting messages.

We had the need to interpret these handwriting messages in the best possible way, and started to reverse-engineer the format, with the help of existing (but incomplete) libraries and specifications. What we ended up with is ISF-Qt, a library which can be used to decode an ISF file or data stream, manage it and the the strokes which comprise the drawing, and write ISF files/streams. You can also create new drawings from scratch.

About this documentation

This documentation is written towards developers, to be used as reference manual when writing code which uses ISF-Qt, or when developing the library itself. Please take your time to understand the structure of the library, its classes and methods.

Since ISF-Qt is built on top of the Qt 4 library, you will also need to be familiar with it; more information can be found online at:

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