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ChatMessageView Class Reference

#include <chatmessageview.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is used to display chat messages. A KHTMLPart is used for this because unlike QTextBrowser, KHTML has support for CSS.

Diederik van der Boor

Definition at line 41 of file chatmessageview.h.

Public Slots

void addedEmoticon (QString shortcut)
void clearView (bool clearHistory=false)
void scrollChat (bool forward, bool fast)
void scrollChatToBottom ()
void showMessage (const ChatMessage &message)
void updateApplicationMessage (const QString &messageId, const QString &newMessage)
void updateChatStyle ()


void appCommand (QString cookie, QString contact, QString method)
void openUrlRequest (const KUrl &url)

Public Member Functions

 ChatMessageView (QWidget *parentWidget=0, QObject *parent=0)
QString getHistory (Account::ChatExportFormat format, bool append, QString &appendPoint)
ChatMessageStylegetStyle () const
QString getStyleTag () const
bool isEmpty () const
KMenu * popupMenu ()
void removeCustomEmoticon (const QString &shorctut)
void setXml (const QString &newXmlBody)
void updateCustomEmoticon (const QString &code, const QString &replacement, const QString &handle)

Private Slots

void slotCopyChatText ()
void slotFindChatText ()
void slotSelectAllChatText ()

Private Member Functions

void addHtmlMessage (const QString &text)
void createPopupMenuActions ()
QString rebuildHistory (bool fullHistory)
void replaceLastMessage (const QString &text)
void setHtml (const QString &newHtmlBody)

Private Attributes

QList< ChatMessage * > chatMessages_
KAction * copyAction_
KAction * findAction_
bool isEmpty_
QList< ChatMessage * > lastContactMessages_
int lastMessageId_
QStringList pendingEmoticonTags_
KAction * selectAllAction_

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