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MimeMessage Class Reference

#include <mimemessage.h>

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Detailed Description

A MIME-type message class.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 36 of file mimemessage.h.

Public Member Functions

void addField (const QString &field, const QString &value)
void clearFields ()
QString decodeRFC2047String (const QByteArray &aStr) const
const QByteArray & getBinaryBody () const
const QString & getBody () const
void getFieldAndValue (QString &field, QString &value, const int index) const
QString getFields () const
QByteArray getMessage () const
uint getNoFields () const
QString getSubValue (const QString &field, const QString &subField=QString::null) const
QString getValue (const QString &field) const
bool hasField (const QString &field) const
 MimeMessage (const MimeMessage &other)
 MimeMessage (const QByteArray &message)
 MimeMessage (const QString &message)
void print () const
void setBinaryBody (const QByteArray &data)
void setBinaryBody (const QByteArray &header, const QByteArray &body, const char footer[4])
void setBody (const QString &body)
void setField (const QString &field, const QString &value)

Private Member Functions

void parseMessage (const QString &message)
void splitHead (QStringList &stringList, const QString &head) const
void splitLine (QString &field, QString &value, const QString &line) const
void splitMessage (QString &head, QString &body, const QString &message) const

Static Private Member Functions

static QTextCodec * getCodecByName (const QByteArray &codecName)

Private Attributes

QByteArray binaryBody_
QString body_
QStringList fields_
QStringList values_

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