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Isf::TagsParser Class Reference

#include <tagsparser.h>

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Detailed Description

The methods in this class can parse the ISF tags data.

Valerio Pilo (valerio@kmess.org)

Definition at line 56 of file tagsparser.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static IsfError parseAttributeBlock (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseAttributeTable (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseCustomTag (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing, quint64 tagIndex)
static IsfError parseGuidTable (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseHiMetricSize (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseInkSpaceRectangle (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseMetricBlock (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseMetricTable (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parsePersistentFormat (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseStroke (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseStrokeDescBlock (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseStrokeDescTable (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseTransformation (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing, quint64 transformType)
static IsfError parseTransformationTable (DataSource &source, Drawing &drawing)
static IsfError parseUnsupported (DataSource &source, const QString &tagName)

Static Private Member Functions

static QByteArray analyzePayload (DataSource &source, const quint64 payloadSize, const QString &message=QString())
static QByteArray analyzePayload (DataSource &source, const QString &tagName)

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