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void EmoticonsPage::saveSettings ( Account account  ) 

Save the settings to the account object

account Account instance which settings will be saved

Definition at line 249 of file emoticonspage.cpp.

References EmoticonManager::instance(), EmoticonManager::replaceCustomTheme(), EmoticonTheme::saveTheme(), and Account::setEmoticonStyle().

  // Save the changes we've made

  // Enable emoticon styles only if there's one selected (the list may be empty)
  if( emoticonThemesList_->currentItem() )
    account->setEmoticonStyle( emoticonThemesList_->currentItem()->text() );
    account->setEmoticonStyle( QString() );

  // Apply the changes to the current account, too
  if( accountHandle_ == CurrentAccount::instance()->getHandle() )
    EmoticonManager::instance()->replaceCustomTheme( emoticonTheme_ );

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