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void ContactListPage::loadSettings ( const Account account  ) 

Load the widget state from an account.

Reads an Account's info and sets our internal widgets accordingly

account The account where to pick settings from

Definition at line 44 of file contactlistpage.cpp.

References Account::getShowContactEmail(), Account::getShowContactListBird(), Account::getShowEmail(), Account::getShowNowListening(), and Account::getUseListFormatting().

  nowListeningCheckBox_        ->setChecked( account->getShowNowListening()          );
  showEmailInfoCheckBox_       ->setChecked( account->getShowEmail()                 );
  enableListFormattingCheckBox_->setChecked( account->getUseListFormatting()         );
  showContactEmailCheckBox_    ->setChecked( account->getShowContactEmail()          );
  showBirdCheckBox_            ->setChecked( account->getShowContactListBird()       );

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