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ChatStylePage Class Reference

#include <chatstylepage.h>

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Detailed Description

Setttings page for the alerts settings page.

Definition at line 40 of file chatstylepage.h.

Public Slots

void updatePreviewDetails (const QString &handle, const QString &name, const QString &picture)

Public Member Functions

 ChatStylePage (QWidget *parent=0)
void loadSettings (const Account *account)
 Load the widget state from an account.
void saveSettings (Account *account)
 Save account information from the chat style widget.
void switchToTab (int tabIndex)

Private Slots

void contactFontClicked ()
void fontClicked ()
void getNewThemes ()
void loadStyleList ()
void slotChatStyleChanged (const QString &style)
void slotContactFontColorChanged (const QColor &color)
void slotUserFontColorChanged (const QColor &color)
void updatePreview ()
void useContactFontToggled (bool checked)

Private Member Functions

bool getFont (QFont &font) const

Private Attributes

QColor contactColor_
QFont contactFont_
QString previewHandle_
QString previewPicture_
QString previewUsername_
QColor userColor_
QFont userFont_

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