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ChatMessageStyle Class Reference

#include <chatmessagestyle.h>

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Detailed Description

Utility class to convert chat messages to the current style/appearance.

Diederik van der Boor

Definition at line 38 of file chatmessagestyle.h.

Public Slots

void setAllowEmoticonLinks (bool allowEmoticonLinks)
void setContactFont (const QFont &font)
void setContactFontColor (const QString &fontColor)
void setEmoticonStyle (const QString &style)
void setGroupFollowupMessages (bool groupFollowupMessages)
void setShowDate (bool showDate)
void setShowSeconds (bool showSeconds)
void setShowTime (bool showTime)
bool setStyle (const QString &style)
void setUseContactFont (bool useContactFont)
void setUseEmoticons (bool useEmoticons)
void setUseFontEffects (bool useFontEffects)
void setUseFormatting (bool useFormatting)

Public Member Functions

bool canConvert () const
QString convertMessage (const ChatMessage &message)
QString convertMessageList (const QList< ChatMessage * > &messageList)
QString convertMessageRoot ()
QString convertMessageToXml (const ChatMessage &message, bool isHistory=false)
QString convertXmlMessageList (const QString &xmlMessagesList)
bool getAllowEmoticonLinks () const
const QString & getBaseFolder () const
const QFont & getContactFont () const
const QString & getContactFontColor () const
QString getCssFile () const
const QString & getEmoticonStyle () const
bool getGroupFollowupMessages () const
const QString & getName () const
const QStringList & getPendingEmoticonTagIds () const
bool getShowMessageDate () const
bool getShowMessageSeconds () const
bool getShowMessageTime () const
QString getStyleSheet () const
bool getUseChatFormatting () const
bool getUseContactFont () const
bool getUseEmoticons () const
bool getUseFontEffects () const
bool getUseFormatting () const
bool hasStyle () const

Private Member Functions

QString createFallbackMessage (const ChatMessage &message)
bool isEmptyResult (const QString &parsedMessage)
void parseBody (QString &body) const
void parseEffects (QString &text) const
void parseFont (const ChatMessage &message, QFont &font, QString &color, QString &fontBefore, QString &fontAfter) const
QString stripDoctype (const QString &parsedMessage)

Private Attributes

bool allowEmoticonLinks_
QString baseFolder_
bool canConvert_
QFont contactFont_
QString contactFontColor_
QString emoticonStyle_
bool groupFollowupMessages_
QString name_
QStringList pendingEmoticonTags_
bool showDate_
bool showSeconds_
bool showTime_
bool useContactFont_
bool useEmoticons_
bool useFontEffects_
bool useFormatting_

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