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ChatMaster Class Reference

#include <chatmaster.h>

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Detailed Description

This class governs the chat windows, detecting when a chat can be restarted in an open window and the like.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 55 of file chatmaster.h.

Public Slots

void connected ()
void connecting ()
void disconnected ()
void raiseChat (Chat *chat, bool force)
void requestChat (QString handle)
void showSpecialMessage (const ChatMessage &message, const MsnSwitchboardConnection *switchboardChat=0)
void startChatAndFileTransfer (const QString &handle, const QString &filename)
void startFileTransfer (const QString &handle, const QString &filename)
MsnSwitchboardConnectionstartSwitchboard (const ChatInformation &chatInfo)
void timedUpdate ()


void addContact (QString handle)
void allowContact (QString handle)
void blockContact (QString handle)
void newChatMessage (const ChatMessage &message, Chat *chatWindow)
void reconnect ()
void removeContact (QString handle, bool block)
void requestSwitchboard (QString handle, ChatInformation::ConnectionType type)
void unblockContact (QString handle)
void updateApplicationMessage (const QString &messageId, const QString &newMessage)

Public Member Functions

 ChatMaster (QObject *parent=0)
bool initialize ()

Private Slots

ChatcreateChat (MsnSwitchboardConnection *switchboard, bool requestedByUser=false)
ChatWindowcreateChatWindow (Chat *chat)
ChatWindowfindWindowForChat (Chat *chat)
void forwardContactAdded (QString handle, bool isAdded)
void forwardContactBlocked (QString handle, bool isBlocked)
void forwardRequestNewSwitchboard (QString handle)
void slotChatClosing (Chat *chat)
void slotChatDestroyed (QObject *chatObject)
void slotChatWindowDestroyed (QObject *chatWindow)
void slotConnectApplication (Application *application)
void slotContactChangedMsnObject (Contact *contact=0)
void slotContactJoinedChat (ContactBase *contact)
void slotDeliverAppCommand (QString cookie, QString handle, QString command)
 Deliver an application command to the correct application.
void slotDeliverMimeMessage (const MimeMessage &message, const QString &handle, bool privateChatRequired)
 Deliver a message from an Application to the switchboard connection.
void slotGotInkMessage (const QString &inkData, const QString &handle, InkFormat format)
void slotGotMessage (const P2PMessage &message, const QString &handle)
void slotGotMessage (const MimeMessage &message, const QString &handle)
void slotGotMsnObject (const QString &msnObjectData, const QString &handle)
void slotMsnObjectReceived (const QString &handle, const MsnObject &msnObject)
void slotSwitchboardDelete (MsnSwitchboardConnection *closing, bool deleteObject=false)
void slotSwitchboardReady ()
void updateChatGrouping ()

Private Member Functions

MsnSwitchboardConnectioncreateSwitchboardConnection (MsnSwitchboardConnection *replace=0, QString handle=QString())
ApplicationListgetApplicationList (const QString &handle)
ChatgetChatBySwitchboard (const MsnSwitchboardConnection *connection)
ChatWindowgetChatWindowBySwitchboard (const MsnSwitchboardConnection *connection)
ChatgetContactsChat (const QStringList &handles, bool privateChat)
ChatgetContactsChat (const QString &handle, bool privateChat)
MsnSwitchboardConnectiongetContactSwitchboardConnection (const QString &handle, bool doRequirePrivateChat)
bool isContactInChat (const QString &handle)
void queueMessage (const MimeMessage &message, const QString &handle, bool privateChatRequired)
void sendPendingMimeMessages (const QString &handle, MsnSwitchboardConnection *connection)
 Send all pending mime messages for the contact.
void showMsnObject (const QString &handle, const MsnObject &msnObject, Chat *chatWindow)
void startApplication (P2PApplication *application)
void startApplication (MimeApplication *application)
void startMsnObjectDownload (const QString &handle, const MsnObject *msnObject, Chat *chatWindow)

Private Attributes

QList< Chat * > chats_
int chatTabbedMode_
QList< ChatWindow * > chatWindows_
QList< Chat * > closingChats_
bool initialized_
QStringList pendingDisplayPictures_
QList< PendingMimeMessage * > pendingMimeMessages_
QStringList requestedChats_
QList< MsnSwitchboardConnection * > switchboardConnections_


class KMessTest


struct  PendingMimeMessage

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