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Account Class Reference

#include <account.h>

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Detailed Description

Data class for user account settings.

The properties of this class correspond with the profile section in the kmessrc file. The data is read with the readProperties() method and saved with the saveProperties() method. When the user switches to another account, the data is copied to the CurrentAccount class with the copyAccount() method. The set* methods are issued from the AccountSettingsDialog code. When the account is disconnected, the data is copied back and saved to disk.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 44 of file account.h.

Public Types

enum  ChatDirectoryStructure { SINGLEDIRECTORY = 0, BYYEAR = 1, BYMONTH = 2, BYDAY = 3 }
 Available chat exporting formats. More...
enum  ContactListDisplayMode { VIEW_BYGROUP, VIEW_BYSTATUS, VIEW_MIXED }


void changedChatStyleSettings ()
void changedContactListOptions ()
void changedDisplaySettings ()
void changedEmailDisplaySettings ()
void changedEmoticonSettings ()
void changedFontSettings ()
void changedFriendlyName ()
void changedMsnObject ()
void changedNowListeningSettings ()
void changedPersonalMessage ()
void changedTimerSettings ()
void changedViewMode ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void copyAccount (const Account *account)
const QString & getAutoreplyMessage () const
const QString & getChatStyle () const
const QFont & getContactFont () const
const QString & getContactFontColor () const
ContactListDisplayMode getContactListDisplayMode () const
bool getEmailSupported () const
const QString & getEmoticonStyle () const
const QFont & getFont () const
const QString & getFontColor () const
QString getFriendlyName (FormattingMode mode=STRING_CLEANED) const
bool getGroupFollowupMessages () const
QString getHandle () const
bool getHideNotificationsWhenBusy () const
const int & getIdleTime () const
Status getInitialStatus () const
int getListPictureSize () const
const QString getMsnObjectString () const
const QString getOriginalPicturePath () const
QString getPassword () const
QString getPersonalMessage (FormattingMode mode=STRING_CLEANED) const
const QString getPicturePath () const
const QString & getSaveChatPath () const
bool getSaveChats () const
ChatExportFormat getSaveChatsFormat () const
bool getSaveChatsToFile () const
const int & getSavedChatDirectoryStructure () const
QString getSavedPassword () const
bool getSavePassword () const
bool getShakeNudge () const
bool getShowAllowedContacts () const
bool getShowChatUserPicture () const
bool getShowContactEmail () const
bool getShowContactListBird () const
bool getShowEmail () const
bool getShowEmptyGroups () const
bool getShowHistoryBox () const
bool getShowMessageTime () const
bool getShowNowListening () const
bool getShowOfflineContacts () const
bool getShowOtherFolders () const
bool getShowPicture () const
bool getShowRemovedContacts () const
bool getShowSearchBar () const
bool getShowSessionInfo () const
bool getShowWinks () const
int getTabbedChatMode () const
const QString & getTemporaryPassword () const
bool getTimestampShowDate () const
bool getTimestampShowSeconds () const
bool getUseAutologin () const
bool getUseChatFormatting () const
bool getUseContactFont () const
bool getUseEmoticons () const
bool getUseFontEffects () const
bool getUseIdleTimer () const
bool getUseListFormatting () const
bool isDeleted () const
bool isDirty () const
bool isGuestAccount () const
bool isVerified () const
void readProperties (const QString &handle)
void saveProperties ()
void saveTemporaryPassword ()
void setAutoreplyMessage (const QString &autoreplyMessage)
void setChatInformation (bool useContactFont, bool useEmoticons, bool showWinks, bool useFontEffects, bool useChatFormatting, bool shakeNudge, bool showMessageTime, bool timestampShowDate, bool timestampShowSeconds, bool groupFollowupMessages, int tabbedChatMode, const QString &chatStyle)
 Set chat information.
void setChatLoggingInformation (bool saveChats, bool saveChatsToFile, ChatExportFormat saveChatsFormat, const QString &saveChatPath, int directoryStructure)
void setContactListDisplayMode (ContactListDisplayMode displayMode)
void setContactListOptions (bool showNowListening, bool showContactEmail, bool useListFormatting)
 Set contact list options.
void setDeleted ()
void setEmailInformation (bool showEmail, bool showOtherFolders)
void setEmoticonStyle (const QString &emoticonStyle)
void setFont (const QFont &font)
void setFontColor (const QString &fontColor)
void setFontInformation (const QFont &font, const QString &fontColor, const QFont &contactFont, const QString &contactFontColor)
void setFriendlyName (const QString &newName)
void setGuestAccount (bool guestAccount)
void setInitialStatus (Status status)
void setListPictureSize (int mode)
void setLoginInformation (QString handle, QString friendlyName, QString password=QString())
void setOriginalPicturePath (const QString &picturePath)
void setPassword (const QString &password)
void setPersonalMessage (const QString &newMessage)
void setPicturePath (const QString &picturePath)
void setSavedPassword (const QString &password)
void setSavePassword (bool savePassword)
void setShowAllowedContacts (bool showAllowedContacts)
void setShowChatUserPicture (bool showChatUserPicture)
void setShowContactListBird (bool showBird)
void setShowEmptyGroups (bool showEmptyGroups)
void setShowHistoryBox (bool showHistoryBox)
void setShowOfflineContacts (bool showOfflineContacts)
void setShowPicture (bool showPicture)
void setShowRemovedContacts (bool showRemovedContacts)
void setShowSearchBar (bool showSearchBar)
void setShowSessionInfo (bool showSessionInfo)
void setStatusOptions (bool useIdleTimer, int idleTime, bool hideNotificationsWhenBusy)
 Set the options on the status.
void setTabbedChatMode (int tabbedChatMode)
void setTemporaryPassword (const QString &temporaryPassword)
void setUseAutologin (bool useAutologin)
void setUseEmoticons (bool useEmoticons)
void setVerified (bool verified)
void updateMsnObject ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isValidEmail (QString email)

Protected Member Functions

void setEmailSupported (bool emailSupported)

Private Attributes

QString autoreplyMessage_
QString chatStyle_
QFont contactFont_
QString contactFontColor_
ContactListDisplayMode contactListDisplayMode_
bool deleted_
bool dirty_
QString displayPicturePath_
bool emailSupported_
QString emoticonStyle_
QFont font_
QString fontColor_
FormattedString friendlyName_
bool groupFollowupMessages_
bool guestAccount_
QString handle_
bool hideNotificationsWhenBusy_
int idleTime_
Status initialStatus_
int listPictureSize_
int notificationDuration_
QString originalDisplayPicturePath_
QString password_
FormattedString personalMessage_
QString saveChatPath_
bool saveChats_
ChatExportFormat saveChatsFormat_
bool saveChatsToFile_
int savedChatDirectoryStructure_
QString savedPassword_
bool savePassword_
bool shakeNudge_
bool showAllowedContacts_
bool showChatUserPicture_
bool showContactEmail_
bool showContactListBird_
bool showEmail_
bool showEmptyGroups_
bool showHistoryBox_
bool showMessageTime_
bool showNowListening_
bool showOfflineContacts_
bool showOtherFolders_
bool showPicture_
bool showRemovedContacts_
bool showSearchBar_
bool showSessionInfo_
bool showWinks_
int tabbedChatMode_
QString temporaryPassword_
bool timestampShowDate_
bool timestampShowSeconds_
bool useAutologin_
bool useChatFormatting_
bool useContactFont_
bool useEmoticons_
bool useFontEffects_
bool useIdleTimer_
bool useListFormatting_
bool verified_


class KMessTest

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