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bool MsnObjectTransferP2P::isPrivateChatRequired (  )  const [virtual]

Indicates a private chat is not required, overwritten from the base class. Returns true by default, unless an emoticon is transferred, or the contact is not in the list.

Returns true if a private chat is required for this application.

Reimplemented from Application.

Definition at line 431 of file msnobjecttransferp2p.cpp.

References Application::getContactHandle(), MsnObject::getType(), and CurrentAccount::hasContactInList().

  // MsnObject transfer can run in a multi-chat too,
  // The P2P-Dest field of the p2p messages make sure other participants ignore them.

  // For emoticon transfers, a separate private chat is not required,
  // for larger transfers (winks), it's recommended to use a private chat.
  // When the contact is not in our contact list, it may be possible no new chat can be made, so don't enforce this.
  MsnObject::MsnObjectType type = msnObject_.getType();
  bool contactInList = CurrentAccount::instance()->hasContactInList( getContactHandle() );
  return (type != MsnObject::EMOTICON && contactInList);

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