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void HttpSoapConnection::parseSoapFault ( SoapMessage message  )  [protected, virtual, inherited]

Parse the SOAP fault.

This method extracts the node data, and emits a soapError() signal. Overwrite this method to implement custom error handling.

message The message containing a soap fault conXML node which contains the SOAP fault.

Reimplemented in PassportLoginService.

Definition at line 261 of file httpsoapconnection.cpp.

References MsnSocketBase::ERROR_SOAP_UNKNOWN, SoapMessage::getFaultCode(), SoapMessage::getFaultDescription(), and HttpSoapConnection::soapError().

Referenced by PassportLoginService::parseSecureFault().

  // Assemble a generic error message
  emit soapError( QString( "%1 (%2)" ).arg( message->getFaultDescription() )
                                      .arg( message->getFaultCode() ),
                  MsnSocketBase::ERROR_SOAP_UNKNOWN );

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