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void MsnSwitchboardConnection::parsePayloadMessage ( const QStringList &  command,
const QByteArray &  messageData 
) [private, virtual]

Process a received payload message.

A incoming message may look like:

UBX someuser@kmessdemo.org 67
<Data><PSM>hello everyone</PSM><CurrentMedia></CurrentMedia></Data>

Notice the similarities with parseMimeMessage(). Both methods handle commands followed by payloads, but differ in the type of messages:

The value of command[0] indicates which command is received. The payload may have any contents, although XML has only been observed so far. The last argument of command can be ignored. It indicates the size of the payload, in this case 67 bytes.

command The received command and it's arguments.
messageData The message payload which followed the command.

Implements MsnConnection.

Definition at line 1416 of file msnswitchboardconnection.cpp.

  // Switchboard has no payload commands yet.
  // This method is added because the functionality is generic in the base class.
  kWarning() << "Unhandled payload command: " << command[0] << "!";

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