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MsnAppDirectoryService Class Reference

#include <msnappdirectoryservice.h>

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Detailed Description

Wrapper for SOAP calls to the MSN application directory service.

Diederik van der Boor

Definition at line 37 of file msnappdirectoryservice.h.

Public Types

enum  MsnAppDirectoryServiceType { GAMES, ACTIVITIES }


void soapError (QString error, MsnSocketBase::ErrorType type)
 Fired when a fatal error occured.
void soapWarning (const QString &warning, bool isImportant)
 Fired when the user needs to be notified about a problem.

Public Member Functions

void abort ()
 Abort all queued requests.
const QList< Entry * > & getEntries () const
const Entry * getEntryById (int entryId)
bool isIdle ()
 Return whether the connection is idle.
 MsnAppDirectoryService (QObject *parent=0)
void queryServiceList (MsnAppDirectoryServiceType type)

Protected Member Functions

SoapMessagegetCurrentRequest (bool copy=false) const
 Return the current request message, if any.
virtual void parseSoapFault (SoapMessage *message)
 Parse the SOAP fault.
virtual void sendRequest (SoapMessage *message, bool urgent=false)
 Send a SOAP request to the webservice.
QString textNodeDecode (const QString &string)
 Decode UTF-8 text from a SOAP node (usually friendly names).

Private Member Functions

void parseSoapResult (SoapMessage *message)

Private Attributes

QList< Entry * > entries_


struct  Entry

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