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void MsnNotificationConnection::changeProperty ( QString  type,
QString  value 
) [slot]

Change a user property.

It sends the PRP (likely short for property) command to the server.

Valid property types are:

  • MFN: MSN Friendly name
  • PHH: Phone home
  • PHW: Phone work
  • PHM: Phone mobile
  • MOB: MSN Mobile authorised for others: Y or N
  • MBE: MSN Mobile enabled
  • WWE: MSN direct?
  • HSB: Has blog: 1 or 0

This function is also used internally by other methods like changeFriendlyName()

type The property type.
value The new property value, can also be empty.

Definition at line 434 of file msnnotificationconnection.cpp.

References MsnConnection::sendCommand().

Referenced by changeFriendlyName().

  if( value.isEmpty() )
    sendCommand( "PRP", type );
    value = QUrl::toPercentEncoding( value );

    // To avoid problem with a very long nick
    value.truncate( 387 );

    sendCommand( "PRP", type + " " + value );

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