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void MsnNotificationConnection::blockContact ( QString  handle  )  [slot]

Block the given contact.

When the contact also exists in the friends list, it will remain there with a blocked status icon. When the contact only exists in the "allowed contacts" group, it moves to the "removed contacts" group with a blocked status icon.

This method can also be used when a new contact appears:

  • to add the contact to the friends list too, call addNewContact()
  • to allow the contact only, call allowContact()
  • to block the contact, call this method.

Internally, this method runs the required putAdc() calls to change the contact lists:

  • the contact is added to the block list (BL).

handle Email address of the contact.

Definition at line 279 of file msnnotificationconnection.cpp.

References AddressBookService::blockContact(), createAddressBookService(), and putAdl().

  kDebug() << "Blocking contact " << handle;

  putRml( handle, Contact::MSN_LIST_ALLOWED );
  putAdl( handle, Contact::MSN_LIST_BLOCKED );

  AddressBookService *addressBook = createAddressBookService();
  addressBook->blockContact( handle );

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