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void MsnConnection::addSoapClient ( HttpSoapConnection client  )  [protected, inherited]

Internal function to track SOAP clients.

This method connects the HttpSoapConnection::soapError() signal, and appends the client to the internal list.

client The SOAP client class.

Definition at line 107 of file msnconnection.cpp.

References MsnConnection::slotError().

Referenced by MsnNotificationConnection::createAddressBookService(), MsnNotificationConnection::createOfflineImService(), and MsnNotificationConnection::createPassportLoginService().

  kDebug() << "Adding SOAP client to list.";

  // Connect signals
  connect( client, SIGNAL( soapError(QString,MsnSocketBase::ErrorType) ),
           this,   SLOT  ( slotError(QString,MsnSocketBase::ErrorType) ) );

  // Add to list so it cleans up when the connection closes
  soapClients_.append( client );

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