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ChatInformation Class Reference

#include <chatinformation.h>

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Detailed Description

The container for switchboard connections information.

This data class holds all information about a switchboard request, either made by the Notification Server or asked by the ChatMaster.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 39 of file chatinformation.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 ChatInformation (MsnNotificationConnection *parent, const QString &handle, const QString &ip, quint16 port, const QString &authorization, const QString &chatId, ConnectionType type)
 ChatInformation (MsnNotificationConnection *parent, const QString &handle, int transactionId, ConnectionType type)
const QString & getAuthorization () const
const QString & getChatId () const
const QString & getContactHandle () const
const QString & getIp () const
MsnNotificationConnectiongetNotificationConnection () const
quint16 getPort () const
int getTime () const
int getTransactionId () const
ConnectionType getType () const
bool getUserStartedChat () const
void setServerInformation (const QString &ip, const quint16 &port, const QString &authorization)

Private Attributes

QString authorization_
QString chatId_
ConnectionType connectionType_
QString contactHandle_
QString ip_
quint16 port_
uint requestTime_
int transactionId_
bool userStartedChat_

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