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OfflineImService Class Reference

#include <offlineimservice.h>

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PassportLoginService HttpSoapConnection

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Detailed Description

SOAP calls to the Offline-IM webservice.

This class is used by the MsnNotificationConnection to retrieve Offline-IM messages. The following methods of the webservice methods are available:

Internally, a connection is made to the Offline-IM webservice. The results are processed internally too, so the messageReceived() and metaDataReceived() signals return the parsed results already.

For additional documentation about Offline-IM, see: http://msnpiki.msnfanatic.com/index.php/MSNP13:Offline_IM

Diederik van der Boor

Definition at line 50 of file offlineimservice.h.


void loginIncorrect ()
 Fired when the login failed because a wrong username/password was used.
void loginSucceeded ()
 Fired when the login succeeded. (version for MSN Protocol 15).
void messageReceived (const QString &messageId, const QString &from, const QString &to, const QDateTime &date, const QString &body, const QString &runId, int sequenceNum)
 Fired when the response of the getMessage() call arrived.
void metaDataReceived (QDomElement metaData)
 Fired when the response of the getMetaData() call arrived.
void sendMessageFailed (const QString &to, const MimeMessage &message)
void soapError (QString error, MsnSocketBase::ErrorType type)
 Fired when a fatal error occured.
void soapWarning (const QString &warning, bool isImportant)
 Fired when the user needs to be notified about a problem.

Public Member Functions

void abort ()
 Abort all queued requests.
void deleteMessages (const QStringList &messageIds)
 SOAP call to delete messages from the remote storage.
void getMessage (const QString &messageId, bool markAsRead=false)
 SOAP call to download an offline message.
void getMetaData ()
 SOAP call to download the value of the Mail-Data field.
bool isIdle ()
 Return whether the connection is idle.
void login (const QString &parameters=QString())
 Start the login process.
 OfflineImService (QObject *parent)
 The sending mode constructor.
 OfflineImService (const QString &authT, const QString &authP, QObject *parent=0)
 The receiving mode constructor.
void sendMessage (const QString &to, const QString &message)
 Send an offline message.
virtual ~OfflineImService ()
 The destructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static const QString createHotmailToken (const QString &passportToken, const QString &proofToken, const QString &folder)

Protected Member Functions

SoapMessagegetCurrentRequest (bool copy=false) const
 Return the current request message, if any.
virtual void sendRequest (SoapMessage *message, bool urgent=false)
 Send a SOAP request to the webservice.
void sendSecureRequest (SoapMessage *message, const QString &requiredTokenName=QString())
 Send the authenticated SOAP request from a subclass.
QString textNodeDecode (const QString &string)
 Decode UTF-8 text from a SOAP node (usually friendly names).

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

QString extractRFC822Address (const QString &address)
 Internal function to extract the email address from an RFC822 formatted string.
void parseSecureFault (SoapMessage *message)
 Process the SOAP fault returned when sending an offline message.
void parseSecureResult (SoapMessage *message)
 Internal function to process the response of the webservice.
void processGetMessageResult (SoapMessage *message)
 Internal function to process the response of the getMessage() call.
void storeMessage (const QString &to, const QString &message, int sequenceNum)
 Internal method to store a message in the offline-im storage.

Private Attributes

QString authP_
 The p value of the passport cookie.
QString authT_
 The t value of the passport cookie.
int nextSequenceNum_
QString passportCookieHeader_
 The passport header to send with SOAP.
QString runID_

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