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KMessTest Class Reference
[main - debugging]

#include <kmesstest.h>

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Detailed Description

A class responsible for testing the other classes.

This class can be used by uncommenting a few lines in main.cpp. New functions can be added to implement various test cases, like opening chat windows without logging in. Most of these functions are included in an #ifdef block, so they are not compiled in the release version.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 46 of file kmesstest.h.

Public Member Functions

void endTest ()
 KMessTest (KMess *kmess)
void runTest (const QString &testname)

Private Slots

void testChatWindowSlot ()
void testContactAddedUserDialogSlot (const QString &handle, const QStringList &groupIds, const int code)
void testContactListSlot ()
void testMsnPlusInteractive ()

Private Member Functions

void benchmarkParser ()
void testAddContactDialog ()
void testChallengeHandler ()
void testChatHistoryDialog ()
void testChatWindow ()
void testConnect ()
void testContactAddedUserDialog ()
void testContactList ()
void testCrash ()
void testGroupsAndContacts ()
void testMsnPlus ()
void testNotificationConnection ()
void testNotifications ()
void testNowListening ()
void testOfflineMessages ()
void testSettings ()
void testSoapConnection ()
void testSwitchboardConnection ()
void testSystemTray ()
void testTransferWindow ()
void testXslTransformation ()

Private Attributes

bool quitAfterTest_

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