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bool EmoticonTheme::loadTheme ( QString  themeName,
bool  isCustomTheme 

Load a theme, by creating it anew or by refreshing the current one

themeName The name of the theme, must be the same as the name of the folder which directly contains emoticons.xml and the pictures
isCustomTheme False if loading a standard theme, true if loading a custom theme

Definition at line 454 of file emoticontheme.cpp.

References createTheme(), setThemeName(), updateCache(), and updateTheme().

Referenced by EmoticonManager::connected(), EmoticonManager::EmoticonManager(), EmoticonsPage::loadSettings(), and EmoticonManager::slotChangedEmoticonSettings().

  bool           success = false;

  const QString oldThemePath( themePath_ );
  isCustomTheme_ = isCustomTheme;

  kDebug() << "Loading " << themeName << " as " << (isCustomTheme?"custom":"default") << " theme.";

  // Change the theme name (where it is stored)
  setThemeName( themeName );

  if( oldThemePath == themePath_ )
    kDebug() << "Theme" << themeName << "was already loaded!";
    return true;

  // Set the theme loading status, needed by addEmoticon()
  loadingTheme_ = true;

  if( isCustomTheme || emoticons_.isEmpty() )
    // If we're loading a standard theme, but there's none to update, we need to create it from scratch.
    success = createTheme( themePath_ );
    // If loading a standard theme, always update the current one.
    success = updateTheme( themePath_ );

  // Update the search&replace caches

  // Reset the theme loading status, needed by addEmoticon()
  loadingTheme_ = false;

  return success;

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