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void EmoticonManager::slotChangedEmoticonSettings (  )  [private, slot]

The emoticon theme has changed, update our settings

The theme won't be replaced with the emoticon definitions from the theme file, since KMess is an MSN-only client and other clients don't support these special emoticons. Instead, the current emoticon theme is kept, and the code tries to detect which filenames the theme uses for certain emoticon codes.

Definition at line 319 of file emoticonmanager.cpp.

References Account::getEmoticonStyle(), and EmoticonTheme::loadTheme().

Referenced by connected().

  kDebug() << "Emoticon theme changed, updating emoticons.";

  // Find out which theme is used now.
  const QString &currentStyle = CurrentAccount::instance()->getEmoticonStyle();

  // And load it
  bool isLoaded = standardTheme_->loadTheme( currentStyle, false );

  // Warn if something has gone wrong
  if( ! isLoaded )
    kWarning() << "Cannot set standard emoticon theme '" << currentStyle << "'.";

  emit updated();

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