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void MsnNotificationConnection::addExistingContact ( QString  handle,
const QStringList &  groupsId = QStringList() 
) [slot]

Re-add a known contact to the friends list.

The contact will no longer appear in a "allowed contacts" or "removed contacts" group, but appear at the friends list again. The contact should exist already at some list before (e.g. the block list or friends list).

handle Email address of the contact.
groupsId Groups where to add the contact.

Definition at line 175 of file msnnotificationconnection.cpp.

References AddressBookService::addContact(), and createAddressBookService().

  kDebug() << "Re-adding contact " << handle;

  // Request the re-adding of contact to AB
  AddressBookService *addressBook = createAddressBookService();
  addressBook->addContact( handle, groupsId , true );

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