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void MsnNotificationConnection::slotGotMembershipLists ( const QString &  serviceType,
const QHash< QString, int > &  contactsRole 
) [private, slot]

Called when address book services retrieved membership lists.

In this list there are informations about FL, AL, BL lists.

Definition at line 2771 of file msnnotificationconnection.cpp.

References createAddressBookService(), and AddressBookService::retrieveAddressBook().

Referenced by createAddressBookService().

  if( serviceType != "Messenger" )
    kWarning() << "Unable to parse membership list:" << serviceType;

  contactsRole_ = contactsRole;

  emit statusMessage( i18n("Waiting for contact list..."), false );

  // Allow some time until the next message is received
  if( loginTimer_.isActive() )

  AddressBookService *addressBook = createAddressBookService();;

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