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Chat Class Reference

#include <chat.h>

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Detailed Description

Manage an active chat.

This class manages a chat. It handles the communication with the Switchboard connection; and connects the Chat View signals and calls to make user interaction possible.

It is meant to be inserted into a ChatWindow object, not to be used alone.

Definition at line 62 of file chat.h.

Public Slots

void receivedMessage (const ChatMessage &message)
bool saveChatToFile (const QString &path, Account::ChatExportFormat format, bool overwriteContents, bool allowUserInteraction=true)
void setSwitchboardConnection (MsnSwitchboardConnection *newConnection=0)
void showMessage (const ChatMessage &message)
void showSaveChatDialog ()
void slotClearChat ()
void slotFindChatText ()
void slotSendNudge ()
void startFileTransfer (QList< QUrl > fileList=QList< QUrl >())


void addContact (QString handle)
void addEmoticon (QString handle, QString shortcut)
void appCommand (QString cookie, QString contact, QString method)
void chatInfoChanged ()
void closing (Chat *chat)
void contactAdded (QString handle, bool isAdded)
void contactAllowed (QString handle)
void contactBlocked (QString handle, bool isBlocked)
void gotChatMessage (const ChatMessage &message, Chat *chat)
void gotNudge ()
void gotTypingMessage (Chat *chat)
void requestFileTransfer (const QString &handle, const QString &filename)
void sendFiles (QList< QUrl > urls)
void startPrivateChat (const QString &handle)
void updateApplicationMessage (const QString &messageId, const QString &newMessage)

Public Member Functions

 Chat (QWidget *parent=0)
void editCopy ()
const QString getCaption ()
ChatWindowgetChatWindow ()
ContactsWidgetgetContactsWidget () const
InkImage * getInkEditContents () const
QTextDocument * getMessageEditContents () const
const QStringList getParticipants () const
KIcon getParticipantsTabIcon ()
QStringList & getQuickRetypeList ()
QDateTime getStartTime () const
MsnSwitchboardConnectiongetSwitchboardConnection () const
const QStringList getTypingContacts () const
int getZoomFactor ()
bool initialize ()
bool initialize (MsnSwitchboardConnection *switchboardConnection)
void inviteContacts (const QStringList &contacts)
bool isChatFirstMessage ()
bool isContactInChat (const QString &handle, bool isExclusiveChatWithContact=false)
bool isEmpty () const
void queryClose ()
void queryExit ()
void scrollTo (bool forward, bool fast)
void scrollToBottom ()
void sendChatMessage (const QString &message)
void sendInkMessage (const QByteArray &inkData)
void sendTypingMessage ()
void sendWink (const MsnObject &message)
void setContactBlocked (QString handle, bool isBlocked)
void setEnabled (bool isEnabled)
void setZoomFactor (int percentage)
void showWink (const QString &handle, const QString &filename, const QString &animationName)
void startChat ()
void updateCustomEmoticon (const QString &handle, const QString &code)

Static Public Attributes

static const long MAX_LOG_FILE_SIZE = 2*1024*1024

Protected Attributes


Private Slots

void contactJoined (ContactBase *contact, bool offlineContact=false)
void contactLeft (ContactBase *contact, bool isChatIdle)
void contactTyping (ContactBase *contact=0, bool forceExpiration=false)
void showWarning (MsnSwitchboardConnection::WarningType type, ContactBase *contact)
void slotContactChangedStatus ()
void slotReceivedNudge (ContactBase *contact)
void slotSendingFailed (const QString &handle, const MimeMessage &message)

Private Member Functions

const QString chooseContact ()
bool handleCommand (QString command)
void saveChatAutomatically (bool saveExternalFile=false)

Private Attributes

bool firstMessage_
bool initialized_
QStringList lastKnownContacts_
QTime lastSentAutoMessage_
QStringList quickRetypeList_
QDate startDate_
QTime startTime_
QHash< QString, QString > typingContactsNames_
QHash< QString, QTime > typingContactsTimes_
QTimer typingTimer_


class KMessTest

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