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void AddEmoticonDialog::preSelect ( const QString &  pictureName,
const QString &  shortcut 

Preselects a file name and an emoticon shortcut in the dialog

pictureName Full path to the file that will be added
shortcut Emoticon shortcut to preselect

Definition at line 207 of file addemoticondialog.cpp.

References KMessShared::htmlUnescape().

Referenced by ChatView::slotAddNewEmoticon().

  // Select the image. Disable the field also to avoid messing up with the name.
  pictureEdit_->setText( pictureName );
  pictureEdit_->setEnabled( pictureName.isEmpty() );
  browseButton_->setEnabled( pictureName.isEmpty() );

  // Select the shortcut, and save it so later we can tell everyone we've added this particular emoticon
  preselectedShortcut_ = shortcut;

  // Select the shortcut, decoded from HTML to show it in its original form
  shortcutEdit_->setText( KMessShared::htmlUnescape( shortcut ) );

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