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void P2PApplicationBase::sendSlpMessage ( const QString &  slpMessage,
P2PMessageType  messageType 
) [protected, inherited]

Send a complete SLP message in multiple P2P packets.

This is a low-level function which is primary used by P2PApplication::sendSlpInvitation(), P2PApplication::sendSlpBye(), etc..

It converts the SLP string to the payload data, which could be splitted across multiple P2P messages.

slpMessage The whole SLP message to send, including SLP headers.
messageType The type of the message. This value is returned with gotAck().

Definition at line 1999 of file p2papplicationbase.cpp.

References P2PApplicationBase::P2P_TYPE_NEGOTIATION, and P2PApplicationBase::sendP2PMessage().

Referenced by P2PApplication::sendSlpBye(), P2PApplication::sendSlpError(), P2PApplication::sendSlpInvitation(), and P2PApplication::sendSlpOkMessage().

  kDebug() << "SLP message=" << slpMessage;

  // Get the raw utf8 encoded bytearray
  QByteArray utf8Message = slpMessage.toUtf8();
  QByteArray messagePart;

  // Make sure the extra padded '\0' character is there. MSN 6-WLM rely on this.

  sendP2PMessage( utf8Message, 0, P2P_TYPE_NEGOTIATION, messageType );  // will split the message.

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