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void P2PApplicationBase::slotApplicationListDeleted (  )  [private, slot]

Crash prevention method.

While it should never happen that the ApplicationList is deleted before the P2PApplication class, this did happen in the past (see http://trac.kmess.org/ticket/263). This method is an extra safety guard to prevent crashes after many things do wrong.

Definition at line 2106 of file p2papplicationbase.cpp.

References Application::getContactHandle().

Referenced by P2PApplicationBase().

  kWarning() << "ApplicationList is deleted before the P2PApplication class! This should not happen!"
                "(maybe an old session, "
                " contact=" << getContactHandle() <<
                " session=" << getSessionID() <<
                " class="   << metaObject()->className() <<
                " action=endapplication).";

  applicationList_ = 0;   // ignores the derived P2PApplication class for now.

  // No one can or needs to receive the deleteMe() signal anymore.
  // Forcefuly delete ourselves and hope for the best.

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