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void P2PApplicationBase::abortDataSending (  )  [protected, inherited]

Make sure no more data will be sent.

Note this method does nothing special, except for closing down the data source. Typically you want to call a high-level method instead which calls this method internally.

Definition at line 141 of file p2papplicationbase.cpp.

References P2PApplicationBase::P2P_TYPE_NEGOTIATION, and ApplicationList::unregisterDataSendingApplication().

Referenced by P2PApplicationBase::endApplicationLater(), P2PApplicationBase::gotErrorAck(), P2PApplication::gotSlpBye(), P2PApplicationBase::gotTransferAbortedAck(), and P2PApplication::sendCancelMessage().

  // Abort sending.
  if( dataSource_ != 0 )
    kDebug() << "application was still sending data, resetting.";

    dataSource_ = 0;
    dataType_   = P2P_TYPE_NEGOTIATION;
    fragmentTotalSize_ = 0;
    fragmentOffset_    = 0;
    applicationList_->unregisterDataSendingApplication( this );

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