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InitialView Class Reference

#include <initialview.h>

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Detailed Description

The login widget.

Users can login by selecting an existing account, or entering their username/password directly. When the login starts, the AutoLoginView widget is displayed in the main window. This class implements the events defined in the inherited user interface class.

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 46 of file initialview.h.

Public Slots

void reconnect (QString handle, bool waitWhenUnknown=true)
 Automatically reconnect with a specified account [slot].
void statusMessage (const QString text=QString(), int timeout=0)
void updateView ()


void connectWithAccount (QString handle, QString password, bool rememberAccount, bool rememberPassword, Status initialStatus)
void disconnectClicked ()
void showSettings (Account *account)

Public Member Functions

void addAccount (Account *account)
void changedAccount (QString oldName, QString newName)
void deleteAccount (Account *account)
 InitialView (QWidget *parent)
void reset ()
bool startConnecting (const QString handle, bool emitConnectionSignal=true)

Private Slots

QString getSelectedHandle () const
void rememberAccountStateChanged (int state)
void setEnabled (bool isEnabled)
void slotClickedUrl (const QString &url)
void slotConnectClicked ()
void slotConnectionStatusChanged (Solid::Networking::Status newStatus)
 Update the view when the network connection status changes.
void slotReconnectTimerEvent ()

Private Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *ev)

Private Attributes

QHash< QString, Account * > accounts_
KConfigGroup config_
bool isConnectingUI_
QString lastUsedHandle_
KIconLoader * loader_
Solid::Networking::Status networkStatus_
QString reconnectionHandle_
quint16 reconnectionRemainingSeconds_
QTimer reconnectionTimer_
QTimer statusMessageTimer_
bool triedConnecting_

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