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AccountsManager Class Reference

#include <accountsmanager.h>

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Detailed Description

The class responsible for keeping a list of saved user accounts.

Valerio Pilo <valerio@kmess.org>

Definition at line 38 of file accountsmanager.h.

Public Slots

void addAccount (Account *account)
void changeAccount (Account *account, QString oldHandle, QString oldFriendlyName)
void deleteAccount (Account *account)


void accountAdded (Account *account)
void accountChanged (Account *account, QString oldHandle, QString oldFriendlyName)
void accountDeleted (Account *account)
void passwordsReady ()

Public Member Functions

bool contains (Account *account) const
AccountgetAccountByHandle (const QString &handle)
const QList< Account * > getAccounts () const
void readPasswords (bool block=false)
void readProperties ()
void savePasswords (bool block=false)
void showAccountSettings (Account *account=0, QWidget *parentWindow=0, AccountSettingsDialog::Page startingPage=AccountSettingsDialog::PageAccount)

Static Public Member Functions

static void destroy ()
static AccountsManagerinstance ()

Private Slots

void slotWalletOpen (bool success)

Private Member Functions

 AccountsManager ()
void initializePasswordManager (bool block=false)
void setupPasswordManager ()

Private Attributes

QList< Account * > accounts_
bool doPasswordRead_
bool doPasswordWrite_
KWallet::Wallet * passwordManager_

Static Private Attributes

static AccountsManagerinstance_

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