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void Account::setContactListOptions ( bool  showNowListening,
bool  showContactEmail,
bool  useListFormatting 
) [inherited]

Set contact list options.

showNowListening whether to show the song played at the moment
useListFormatting whether or not to enable MSN Plus! formatting in the contact list
showContactEmail whether to show contact email instead of friendly name in the contact list

Definition at line 963 of file account.cpp.

Referenced by ContactListPage::saveSettings().

  if( useListFormatting_ != useListFormatting
  ||  showContactEmail_  != showContactEmail )
    useListFormatting_ = useListFormatting;
    showContactEmail_  = showContactEmail;

    //let the contact list update to reflect the new changes
    emit changedContactListOptions();

  emit changedTimerSettings();

  if( showNowListening_ != showNowListening )
    kDebug() << "Now listening settings changed, notifying listeners.";

    showNowListening_ = showNowListening;
    emit changedNowListeningSettings();

  dirty_ = true;
    kDebug() << "Setting 'dirty' to true.";

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