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void Account::setStatusOptions ( bool  useIdleTimer,
int  idleTime,
bool  hideNotificationsWhenBusy 
) [inherited]

Set the options on the status.

useIdleTimer whether to set the status as Idle after a while
idleTime the time without activity before being marked as idle
hideNotificationsWhenBusy whether to hide all the notifications when the status is set to Busy

Definition at line 1613 of file account.cpp.

Referenced by AccountPage::saveSettings().

  if( useIdleTimer_              == useIdleTimer
  &&  idleTime_                  == idleTime
  &&  hideNotificationsWhenBusy_ == hideNotificationsWhenBusy )

  useIdleTimer_              = useIdleTimer;
  idleTime_                  = idleTime;
  hideNotificationsWhenBusy_ = hideNotificationsWhenBusy;

  emit changedTimerSettings();

  dirty_ = true;
  kDebug() << "Setting 'dirty' to true.";

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