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DirectConnectionBase Class Reference

#include <directconnectionbase.h>

Inheritance diagram for DirectConnectionBase:

MsnDirectConnection MsnFtpConnection

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Detailed Description

The class for receiving and sending files.

Diederik van der Boor

Definition at line 32 of file directconnectionbase.h.


void connectionAuthorized ()
void connectionClosed ()
void connectionEstablished ()
void connectionFailed ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void closeConnection ()
 DirectConnectionBase (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
int getLocalServerPort ()
QString getRemoteIp () const
QString getRemotePort () const
QString getSocketError () const
virtual bool initialize ()
virtual bool isAuthorized () const
bool isConnected () const
bool isServer () const
bool openConnection (const QString &ipAddress, int port, bool async=false)
bool openServerPort ()

Protected Slots

virtual void slotConnectionEstablished ()
virtual void slotConnectionFailed ()
virtual void slotDataReceived ()=0

Protected Member Functions

void closeServerSocket ()
void connectWriteHandler (QObject *receiver, const char *slot)
int getBytesAvailable () const
QString getListeningServiceName () const
int readBlock (QByteArray &buffer, const int maxSize=0, const int offset=0)
int readBlock (char *buffer, const int size)
void setAuthorized (bool authorized)
bool writeBlock (const QByteArray &block)
bool writeBlock (const char *block, const int size)

Private Slots

void slotAcceptConnection ()
void slotConnectionTimeout ()
void slotSocketConnected ()
virtual void slotSocketFailed ()

Private Attributes

bool authorized_
QString connectingTo_
QTimer connectionTimer_
bool isServer_
KExtendedSocket * server_
int serverPort_
KExtendedSocket * socket_
bool timeout_
bool userCancelled_

Static Private Attributes

static int nextServerPort

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