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void OfflineImService::getMessage ( const QString &  messageId,
bool  markAsRead = false 

SOAP call to download an offline message.

The message ID can be extracted from the text/x-msmsgsoimnotification or text/x-msmsgsinitialmdatanotification messages.

The messageReceived() signal is fired when the message is returned by the webservice.

messageId The ID of the message.
markAsRead Whether the message should be marked as read.

Definition at line 138 of file offlineimservice.cpp.

References HttpSoapConnection::escapeString(), passportCookieHeader_, and HttpSoapConnection::sendRequest().

  kdDebug() << "OfflineImService: requesting message '" << messageId << "'" << endl;

  // Initialize request
  QString soapAction = "http://www.hotmail.msn.com/ws/2004/09/oim/rsi/GetMessage";
  QString soapBody =
      "    <GetMessage xmlns=\"http://www.hotmail.msn.com/ws/2004/09/oim/rsi\">\n"
      "      <messageId>" + escapeString(messageId) + "</messageId>\n"
      "      <alsoMarkAsRead>" + (markAsRead ? "true" : "false") + "</alsoMarkAsRead>\n"
      "    </GetMessage>";
  sendRequest( soapAction, soapBody, passportCookieHeader_, messageId );

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