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void OfflineImService::getMetaData (  ) 

SOAP call to download the value of the Mail-Data field.

The value of the Mail-Data field is normally received by the notification server. If there are many offline-IM messages, the value of this field is literally too-large. In that case, the message data can be downloaded using this method.

The metaDataReceived() signal is fired when the data is returned by the webservice.

Definition at line 165 of file offlineimservice.cpp.

References passportCookieHeader_, and HttpSoapConnection::sendRequest().

  kdDebug() << "OfflineImService: requesting Mail-Data field" << endl;

  QString soapAction = "http://www.hotmail.msn.com/ws/2004/09/oim/rsi/GetMetadata";
  QString soapBody   = "    <GetMetadata xmlns=\"http://www.hotmail.msn.com/ws/2004/09/oim/rsi\" />";
  sendRequest( soapAction, soapBody, passportCookieHeader_ );

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