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ContactList Class Reference

#include <contactlist.h>

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Detailed Description

Data class for the contact list.

This class stores the state of the current contact list, it does not update the server. The MsnNotificationConnection class sends update requests to the server. When the server acknowledges the change, it will be updated here. The user interface classes repond to the signals of this class to update their view.

The instance of this class is shared between the MsnNotificationConnection class, and re-used when the user connects with a different account. After the MsnNotificationConnection class is initialized, a pointer to the ContactList is set in the CurrentAccount class too. The CurrentAccount class is only used to provide access to the current contact list, the administration of the contacts is still done through the MsnNotificationConnection class,

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 52 of file contactlist.h.


void contactAdded (Contact *contact)
void contactChangedMsnObject (Contact *contact)
void contactChangeStatus (Contact *contact)
void contactMoved (Contact *contact)
void contactOffline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)
void contactOnline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)
void contactRemoved (const Contact *contact)
void groupAdded (Group *group)
void groupRemoved (const Group *group)

Public Member Functions

ContactaddContact (QString handle, QString friendlyName, int lists, QString groupIds, QString guid)
GroupaddGroup (QString groupId, QString groupName)
void changeContactStatus (QString handle, QString friendlyName, QString status, uint capabilities=0, QString msnObject=0, bool showBaloon=true)
ContactgetContactByGuid (QString guid) const
ContactgetContactByHandle (QString handle) const
const QDict< Contact > & getContactList () const
GroupgetGroupById (QString groupId) const
GroupgetGroupBySortPosition (int sortPosition) const
const QPtrList< Group > & getGroupList () const
void readProperties (KConfig *config)
void removeGroup (QString groupId)
void renameContact (QString handle, QString newName)
void renameGroup (QString groupId, QString newName)
void reset ()
void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
void setContactOffline (QString handle)

Private Slots

void slotForwardContactChangedMsnObject (Contact *contact)
void slotForwardContactMoved (Contact *contact)
void slotForwardContactOffline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)
void slotForwardContactOnline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)

Private Member Functions

bool contactExists (QString handle)
void deleteAllContacts ()
void deleteNonSpecialGroups ()
bool groupExists (QString groupId)

Private Attributes

QDict< Contactcontacts_
QPtrList< Groupgroups_


class KMessTest

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